Rogue Soul 2


Rogue Soul 2 is the most recent edition of the popular game about ancient warrior who travels through different places and helps you to discharge the enslaved folks. According the the legend, evil forces caught a lot of people and you are the only one who can release them and struggle with the evil soldiers. At the start of the game you need to complete a small tutorial degree so as to learn how to work with your weapons, the way to make jumps and slide. You can pick the set of controls you like – to use the arrow buttons or [W][A][S][D] buttons for controlling your warrior.

In each level of the Rogue Soul 2 you must release at least 2 enslaved person and collect golden coins. Collecting coins is very important since using them you can unlock new skills and some fascinating stuff from the game. One more thing that’s extremely essential in the sport is battling enemies. If you manage to make a few combo attacks without getting hit, then you will be given additional coins. In the conclusion of the level you will have to fight againt boss. Boss is a strong warrior that can kill you easily. Use all of your battle skills to overcome the enemy and discharge the poor men and women.

There are a whole lot of levels that you will enjoy. You’ll unlock a new armor and weapons during the game, so I hope you will spend amazing time playing the game at our website. Bear in mind that the gambling progress is automatically saved – only bookmark our page to continue playing later without starting the match from the beginning. Also try another game in the same developer – Swords And Souls. It is about precisely the same character and uses the very same graphics but there you’re going into the gladiator tournament and fight with different creatures that are nasty. Have Fun.

About Rogue Soul 2

Rogue Soul 2 is the sequel into the particular endless runner match show made by SOULGAME and perhaps not Doppler.

The play style at Rogue Soul 2 is like the very first match. However, this time round, each point will possess their particular objective to finish like leaping on the shrub, preventing offenders, defeating enemies using special skills… when you finish those objectives, you are going to get golden stars. Do not neglect to pick the money up bags lying in your way.

Rouge Soul 2 can be harder and contains some fresh upgrades, such as:
A brand fresh loot strategy: 14 aims to get.
New skins which may be bought with gold celebrities.
A shop where you could use coins to upgrade your own skills and abilities having a shameful economy spot in which you are able to purchase better weapons and equipment.

How To Play

  • Use WASD keys to move.
  • Use K to slide.
  • Use J to throw.
  • User P to pause the game.

Tips and Tricks

  1. You can change to hard mode in option.
  2. Set the game’s quality in options.
  3. Customize your controls in options.
  4. Turn the sound on/off on the pause screen.

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